The  River

The shots of the series " The River" were made in September 2014 to the shores of the estuary of the river Ria de Bilbao through the municipalities of Guecho y Portugalete .

The presence of so many conflicting scenarios with each other along a short distance of 23 km seems the synthesis of our civilization.

The time element goes from present figures and futuristic ones through some references to the past. During the path you can see the appearance of prehistoric organisms large cranes in the industrial 




area and the melancholy of abandoned palaces and buildings, to the future of the avant-garde works such as the Guggenheim Museum , the Iberdrola Tower or the new San Mamés football Stadium.

The human presence changes its environment. The various scenarios evoke stories and tales that tend to separate the different contexts .

The estuary of the Ria welcomes and accepts despite their heterogeneity and it constrains the coexistence on the same lines, referring to the common destiny.