Second ADV about Area Sabio, more video corporate showing how works the therapy. 

I work as a video-maker and photographer for SwitchMed, an initiative that supports and connects stakeholders to scale-up social and eco innovations in Mediterranean.

Atelier Printemps was selected as a pilot project under the SwitchMed programme funded by the European Union, in agreement with the Algerian Ministry of Water Resources and Environment and the EU delegation in Algeria. It will support the national SCP priorities of Algeria.

In this video I present the update programmes and the new skills the young couple of the small artisanal and family business receive during the stage in Catalunya.

Advertising for Area Sabio, a new concept to balance your health.

In synergy with the client, I draw a storyboard to show the essence of the goal:  the well-being and state of health.

During the recording, Ana Maria Oliva, Phd biomedical, presents the elements of a healthy state and ask to you how do you feel?  If the two points are not aligned, Area Sabio can help to recover your Health.

This video is a resume of several fair where I made video and interview for my clients.Real Estate Meeting Point, Forum Gastronomic, Nautical Fair and Smart City Expo.

Frederic Funck, the EMEA Coaching Business Director who present is project Center for Creative Leadership.

I filmed and edited mixing the interview and image of his presencial seminar.

Presentation of the Beauty Competition Miss World Spain in a Art Gallery.

I worked for an important international Media during the World Cup Basket Fiba Spain 2014. I create the news about the press conference before and after every match. 

The main character in my opinion was Coach K (Mike Kryzewski), US coach for his vision, humility and wisdom. 

Our Greek Situation is an investigation about the social economic situation of Greece. We interviewed different relevant social players in the greek society to help us to understand.  We draw the society like a circle and we try to have several point of views.