Tiziano Caffi, Fine art photographer. 

I am an Italian artist that grew up in Africa in early age and now based in Barcelona. 

Being exposed to a multicultural milieu since my early childhood, the cultural and human diversity broadened my view on life and made me more receptive to the daily beauties that surrounded us. This sensitivity, and attention to my surroundings brought me to show an early interest in photography. 

Photography and digital manipulation are two incredible tools that allow me to express my concepts and ideas. On a personal level, they represent the most direct way to capture the dreamlike beauties of life that surround us, from nature to man made creations. 

Observation offers me the ability to see beyond our realities and helps to focus on the essence. Imagination allows to play with reality and blur the line with the fiction that sometimes may not make logical sense, but always resonates with us emotionally. 

Looking for clean and aerated pictures, organised in powerful composition to charge these with a kid of poetry to reflect an resolute acceptation of the meaning the image can express. The choice of an elegant aesthetic balance establish an ease lecture and ennoble the human fight to improve himself. 

In each photo I want to welcome the viewer into exploration, propose a reflection and suggest new vision of our mysterious existence with a spirit of humanity, astonishment and hope.


2016 3rd Place, Finalist Photography Awards / Category: Deeper Perspective - IPA - USA

2016 Honorable Mention Photography Awards / Category: Architecture Interior - IPA-USA

2013 Honorable Mention Prix de la Photographie / Category: Fine Art Digitally Enhanced -PX3 - Paris

2013 Honorable Mention Photography Awards / Category: Fine Art Nudes -IPA- USA


2017 Solo Pieces of Unconscious, Eurostar Design Hotel (Ptg. De Gracia), Barcelona

2016 Solo Observame /1, Eurostar Monumental Hotel (Monumental), Barcelona

2013 Photo Swiss, Lausanne