The "Regala Tu Risa" project develops the theme of Laughter: the most direct, easy and universal tool we own to transmit positive vibrations to the outside and transform our psychophysical mood into optimal well-being. 

Nowdays, scientific research have demonstrated the health benefits of laughter. It helps to get ride of negative energy, and it's also one of the most efficient means of communication between humans.


The PhD candidate Hanna Poikonen made a wonderful introduction with a neuroscience approach in her article "When our face turns into a Smile".


The project ended into 2 complementary fine art photography series:

- "Ridere Bene Facere" (Laughter Benefits) is a series that portraits that portraits the facial changes after experiencing laughter.

- "Crack Up" is a series of guffaws: it shows moments of happiness and vulnerability induced by viral laughter.


Thanks to the cooperation of the amazing video maker Alice Brazzit, we made a 3 minutes audiovisual that completes this artwork. 


"Regala Tu Risa" project would like to be exhibit, if you are interest in just contact me. Thanks.