This image is thought to propose a vision, to create the best future we can.
The idea is based on focusing our energies in two directions: Inside and Outside of us.

The protagonist of the picture is everyone of us in his own present situation. All of us have
the power and the responsibility to harmonize and balance our interior universe, a celestial 
universe. It works like a binary system, like a night sky: darkness is equal to 0, light is 
equal to 1. By correctly operating this process we obtain clarity, deep confidence and 
positive decisions. 

We act in a natural and human habitat and we have the responsibility and the power to change 
our environment. The coexistence and the interchange between species and organisms can produce
a combined evolution respectful to nature, just like cells buckle to other cells to shape in
a complex and blooming living organism.

The set is a front view of the ocean, composed of different digitally arranged shots of 
cellular activity taken with an electronic microscope.
This scenery includes the three different dimensions we can explore in our biosphere: air
water and ground

The open posture of the subject reminds us to keep looking towards the light, always leaving
 behind our shadows.


• Mektoub is an arabic word and means Destiny.