Observame /1

The images of the Observe /1 (Look at me /1) series is a presentation of the Barcelona comunity, which is also a broader view of the world today.

We live in a historical period of social, economic and technological change so quickly and restless which develop and expand the concept of "sharing": share a flat: airbnb, car: blablacar, desk: co-working etc.

The observation of the high density per km2 of Barcelona is an excellent source of reflection on conviviality, sharing and, ultimately, tolerance.

Who came and visited Barcelona for tourism, work or simply resident in, lived the closeness between the houses, noises, sounds, fresh laundry...

The balance of the power of images is in our sensory memory, our sensations experienced in its streets, in the eyes of its inhabitants and the bright blue of the sky.

Observe /1 serie was exposed at Eurostars Monumental Hotel 18.04.2016 to 03.05.2016. You can see the inauguration video in the Blog section: