3rd Place to IPA Awards 2016 - CRACK UP

The project develops the theme of Laughter: the most direct, easy and universal tool we own to transmit positive vibrations to the outside and transform our psychophysical mood into optimal well-being. Nowadays, scientific research have demonstrated the health benefits of laughter. It helps to get rid of negative energy, and it's also one of the most efficient means of communication between humans. Laughter therapy is a kind of treatment that show most of the powerful benefits of laughing. I organised a special session that mingled laughter therapy with the help of two instructors and photography, involving a mixed group of people from different countries. During the two hours workshop, the participants/models were given the chance to experience the immediate pleasure and benefits of laughter, its releasing power and its characteristic generation of happiness. https://vimeo.com/123312550 password: Exhibit-it “Crack up” is a series of guffaws: it shows moments of happiness and vulnerability induced by viral laughter. 

A special Thanks for the Founder of Escuela de Desarrollo Humano: Enrique Aguilar Ferraz and the Director of Laughter Therapy workshop: Silvia Lopez Bech, www.escueladerisoterapia.com   The trainers: Merche Rivas and Ana Tanna  and the participants: Sara Flotats - www.sensimterapies.com, Alexandra Farbiarz Mas - www.coachconecta.com, Koldo Peñas, Alejandra Caballero, Bruno Miguel de Lima Monteiro, Massimo Fazio, Olga Mumbru Quirós, Nicolas Uséo, Maria Antonieta Canfield, Chiara O'Neill, Maurizio Caffi, Stefano Fristachi, Giovanni Cultrera, Fabrizio Paparello, Ciro Conte.